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The Impact of Arrival of Big Data and Deep Learning in the Geosciences

Seminario a cura di David A. Yuen.

24/04/2017 dalle 15:00 alle 18:00

Dove Aula 1, v.le Berti-Pichat, 6/2, Dipartimento di Fisica ed Astronomia

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Since 2009 there has been a creeping encroachment of Big Data into society. This now has become a revolutionary movement in the past four years because of many factors: technological, economical and social.

First , I will go over the history of this revolution and the underlying causes . This trend will have an impact on the lives of everybody and I will go into the applications of Big Data. I will use example of a geodynamical problem in mantle convection as an example for showing deep learning.

Deep learning can also be used for inferring rheological properties of fault zone in slow earthquakes and to learn about physical properties of earth materials without having to do an experiment by employing knowledge of existing database. Indeed I have been attracted deeply to Big Data and Deep Learning because of its fascinating potential.